Information about Bretagne

Regional capital : Rennes

Departments / Counties of Bretagne

Number Department Capital
56 Morbihan Vannes
35 Ille et Vilaine Rennes
29 Finistère Brest
22 Cotes d’Armor Saint Brieuc

Located on the Atlantic coast of western France, Brittany points out towards the oceans. The very dented and rocky coastline is dotted with small fishing ports and windy roads. It was from here that many boats would once set sail for “La Terre-Neuve” (Newfoundland) in Canada to fish for cod.

There is a strong identity, culture and pride in “Bretagne” and the Celtic influence stands out, many people still speak the old language.

The region of tradition and folklore. Music and the Feznoz parties. fine regional cuisine, cider, traditional costumes, language and Celtic influence makes this a very special region. The distinctive hats worn by the women and men with their black clothes are still a common sight. Local cuisine is of course strongly centred on fish and seafood, whilst the “Cr?pes bretonnes” (Brittany pancake) is very typical.


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