Urban Planning Issues

Urban Planning Issues – In Spain, there is not a central planning authority.

Urban Planning Issues – The Ministry, the Autonomous Communities and the Municipalities are involved in the process of granting planning permission and in general any improvement or alteration to your property requires some form of permission. Furthermore if you intend to fell trees you need to ensure that they are not protected, if you chop down certain trees without permission you will face legal consequences.

If you are improving the value of a legal and registered property the local authority will require you to pay to them certain taxes for the privilege of upgrading your home; so changing the kitchen or bathroom which you may consider as an insignificant issue will attract the attention of the local ayuntamiento. To ensure that you do not fall foul of local planning laws you should always ask before you start any work on your property. You will probably be asked to submit a project – with the appropriate fees and taxes to the town hall – small jobs may only require a licencia obras menores – small works licence, but construction of an extension, terrace or new building etc will require a full building licence –licencia obras mayores. You should never start any construction work until you have the required paperwork stamped by the competent authority because if you do you run the risk of being denunciado – reported to the relevant authority – being fined, having the work stopped, possibly being refused the permission which may have normally been granted and having the work that you have carried out demolished – at your expense.

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