Micro Enterprise

Miro Enterprise – WHAT IS A COMMERCIAL AGENT or AGENT COMMERCIAL? – This is a specific position within the real estate industry in France – so it may suit those people already living in France or if you are in the process of moving to France, it may be the ideal career move for you when you establish yourself.

Micro Enterprise Commercial Agents are regulated under French law – Under the current French law that governs and regulates the practice of Estate Agencies in France and in particular -Article 4 of La Loi Hoguet – suitably qualified individuals can become an Agent Commercial – a person who works under the authorisation of one or more registered establishments – independently. The French Estate Agency is such a registered entity in France holding a Carte Professionnelle and the required insurances, and additionally is an accredited member of the recognized professional organisation SNPI (Syndicat National des Professionnels de l’Immobilier).

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